Are K Cups Instant Coffee All You Need To Know!

Are K Cups Instant Coffee? All You Need To Know!

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So, a K-Cup coffee is produced instantly but are K Cups Instant Coffee?

If you are in a rush, here is the quick and instant answer, no! K Cups are not instant coffee. Both instant coffee and Keurig K-cup coffee pods are very different kinds of coffee. To be more exact, a K-Cup coffee pod is a lot more like a mini drip coffee than instant coffee.

Keep reading for more details!

What Are K-Cups?

So before I get right on to detailing Keurig K-Cups and let’s start off with What are K-Cups?

K-Cups, first introduced in 1998 by the popular coffee maker brand Keurig, which is what the “K” in K-Cups stands for. They are convenient single-serve coffee pods that are very popular with coffee enthusiasts and coffee lovers due to making coffee instantly, well almost instantly. They can make a tasty and delicious cup of coffee in about a minute.

K-Cup pods have a tiny paper filter at the bottom and a small amount of finely ground coffee and are compatible with Keurig single-serve coffee makers.

For a matter of clarity, you cannot put Keurig K-Cups in a Nespresso machine or a Nespresso coffee pod or capsule in your Keurig coffee maker as they are not cross compatible.

To brew a cup of coffee using your Keurig coffee maker and a K-cup coffee brewing capsule simply place the Keurig K-cup into the coffee pod holder, close the lid of your machine and press the brew button.

Your coffee machine will then puncture the top of the K-cup and a jet of hot water will be used to brew the coffee inside the coffee pod and extract the maximum flavor.

The coffee-making process takes around 60 seconds or so to produce a great tasting cup of coffee making it a great option if you are a busy morning coffee drinker. No messing around making a great coffee as you are getting ready for the office or whatever. Admittedly, they are more convenient than a typical drip coffee maker.

There is no shortage of coffee pods to choose from as the coffee pod craze includes 600 or so different pods from 60 different coffee brands meaning you have a whole array of flavors and coffee drinkers from regular coffee and classic coffee to the kind of coffee beverages that an avid coffee drinker will love. Latte, macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos and more.

If you are new to Keurig coffee makers and coffee pods, start with a variety pack.

What Are Keurig K Cups
Keurig K Cups

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What Is Instant Coffee?

Now we have covered what Keurig K-Cups are, let’s talk a little about instant coffee.

Instant coffee is, as it sounds, coffee that is made instantly by just adding hot water. Unlike ground coffee, it is water-soluble.

Instant coffee was first produced at the end of the 1800s, but this way of consuming coffee was not popular in the coffee industry until the instant coffee production process was mastered and perfected. It was only in the early 1950s that this way of making and enjoying coffee became popular globally.

Similar to K-Cup pods, this is a very quick, easy and very convenient coffee option. You may even call it too convenient as a regular coffee machine is not even needed. Now, there are many instant coffee options available that are 3 in 1 with milk and sugar included and there is a way of making this drink that suits everyone’s needs and tastes.

The 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 single serving sachets are incredibly convenient for the great outdoors.

This kind of coffee is made by means of a manufacturing process of freeze-drying or spray-drying brewed coffee. It’s a process that dehydrates brewed coffee grounds and leaves the grounds with a focused and concentrated coffee flavor in powder form or granulated form.

To brew it, all that is needed to mix the instant coffee with water and add milk and sugar as needed, and you have your cup of coffee. Hot water or cold water.

There is, unfortunately, a fair bit of coffee snobbery amongst coffee lovers regarding instant coffee. For me, coffee is coffee, and what matters is the final product – does it taste great?

Yes, it does. Better still, you are not limited to just plain boring coffee as there are flavors and roasts. Hazelnut, vanilla, coconut and even durian (seen in Malaysia and Vietnam) are examples of some flavors.

Today, there are top brands that have instant coffee options, even Starbucks!

Are K-Cups Instant Coffee?

K-Cups are not instant coffee, not even close. The coffee used in K-cups simply does not fit the description of instant coffee as it is water-soluble nor are they freeze or spray dried or dehydrated brewed coffee grounds.

The coffee inside these lovely little coffee pods is ground coffee. Coffee grounds from freshly ground coffee beans. The fact that technology has been used to speed up the brewing process to approximately a minute or so is where the confusion arises and many people thinking that it is instant coffee that is inside them.

The freshly ground coffee is nitrogen flushed in a sealed foil packaging to keep them fresh.

What Is Instant Coffee
What Is Instant Coffee

How Does A Keurig K-Cup Brew Coffee?

A Keurig brews a fresh cup of coffee thanks to the nitrogen flushing process that uses nitrogen to flush out the oxygen to eliminate the possibility of oxidation. The pods are then sealed with a foil lid.

When a Keurig K-Cup is brewed, an entry needle and exit needle puncture the top and bottom and the coffee pods. A jet of hot water is forced into the pod from the entry needle which brews the coffee which then passes through the advanced filter paper in the coffee pods and then via the exit needle (nozzle) it makes its way to the coffee dispenser spout and into the awaiting coffee cup below.

Can You Use A K-Cup As An Instant Coffee?

No, the coffee used in a K-Cup is freshly ground coffee beans and are not water-soluble. If you try to use your K-cups as instant coffee, or empty the contents of them into your cup and add hot water, you will find that you need to filter the coffee grounds.

Also, the cup of coffee will be a weak and watery drink. You will need to stir well and be patient for the flavor and the caffeine content to extract.

Any coffee that you make with your K-cup coffee pod without a Keurig machine will not replicate what can be produced by your machine.

Can You Use A K-Cup As An Instant Coffee
You Can’t Use A K-Cup As An Instant Coffee

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Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Reusable K-Cup

No, if you try to use instant coffee in your reusable K-Cup you will end up with a weak watery mess. The small bed of coffee ground in a coffee pod provides some resistance to the jet of hot water that is forced on the called back pressure*.

This back pressure will be missing as the coffee will dissolve in the hot water. The coffee produced will be weak and watery. Not to mention the mess to clean up.

*Back pressure, incidentally, is a very important factor in brewing the perfect espresso shot. When you can control and adjust that with a very advanced espresso machine you end up with an amazing shot of espresso.

Can You Use K-Cups Without A Machine?

Yes, you can open the coffee pods and empty the contents into a coffee filter and use the pour over technique.

Due to a different coffee to water ratio for the pour over needed you will need to use  or three coffee pods to make a single cup of coffee. Pour over needs a 1:16 coffee to water ratio. Each coffee pod has 9 to 12 grams of coffee.

Assuming 10 grams of coffee are in your coffee pod, two pods will produce a 320 ml cup of coffee (10.8 Oz).

Is K-Cup Coffee Bad For You?

Keurig K-Cup coffee is perfectly safe for you to drink. Although there are concerns regarding the use of plastic, the plastic used is food-grade plastic and 100% BPA-free.

There are no health concerns known regarding this method of brewing and enjoying coffee.

Do K-cups Filter Out Cafestol?

Yes, the miniature filter paper in a K-cup filters out the coffee oils, including cafestol. If you have high cholesterol and are concerned you should be as there is no cafestol in the brewed coffee.

Paper coffee filters of all types are very effective at removing coffee oils, producing a clean and crisp tasting cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Are K-Cups Instant Coffee?

Is Instant Coffee The Same As K-Cups?

No, instant coffee is 100% soluble in water. K-Cups are ground coffee that is not water-soluble and are simply not instant coffee. They are ground coffee bean granules with a filter paper in the bottom. They are by their very nature more similar to drip coffee than instant coffee.

Yes, you can remove your coffee pod from its packaging and put it in your coffee cup then pour hot water with care and attention. Stop pouring your hot water when the water gets to half an inch (1.25 cm) from the top of the brim and let your coffee pod steep. Place a spoon over it if it starts to float. Stir occasionally and make sure you keep the coffee pod submerged.

What Is Considered Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is coffee that is soluble in water and creates instant coffee just with the addition of water. It is made from the same coffee beans which are ground, processed and freeze dried. Usually instant coffee is a very fine coffee powder. 

Keurig K-Cup coffee pods have 9-12 grams of coffee in them which produce a great tasting cup of coffee with the same strength of coffee as a regular coffee. In terms of caffeine content, the range from 50 mg to 75 mg, meaning they are not stronger than regular coffee.

Keurig K-Cup coffee pods, for a reason only known to the company, set their machines to brew at a temperature from outwith the ideal temperature range of 92C to 96C (195F to 205F).

The result of their brewing at 192F (88C) is their coffee maker does not extract the full flavor from the K-cup coffee pods.

If your single serve coffee maker is only brewing half a cup of coffee, it is a sign that your needles and internal pipes may be clogged or blocked in some way.

Clean and descale your machine with distilled white vinegar or Keurig’s descaling solution.

Final Thoughts – Are K Cups Instant Coffee?

If you have skimmed down looking for a quick answer to the question, are K cups instant coffee the instant answer is no. 

For the detailed answer why there are different you will need to scroll back up and read! 

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