5-Cup Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Carafe

5-Cup Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Carafe

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This article is dedicated to 5-Cup coffee maker stainless steel carafe and helps you find and understand why seeking out a stainless steel carafe is better than a glass carafe or plastic carafe.

All of your questions about coffee carafes are answered in this article. If you have a question, please do contact us, we will be delighted to answer it for you.

What Is A Coffee Carafe

A carafe is the container that is at the bottom of drip coffee machines or a simple coffee maker with a jug or similar contain below it that gets filled with your brewed coffee after it has passed through the filter.

A carafe is the most overlooked part of a drip or similar type of coffee maker. More consideration and more thought should be put into the role they play in coffee brewing. Stainless steel, plastic, or the most common type, glass, are the types of carafe you will see.

Let’s talk about those.

What Is A Carafe
A Hario V60 Stainless Steel Carafe.

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Plastic Coffee Carafe

Plastic coffee carafes are cheaper, less expensive and have the benefit of being more robust than a glass carafe.


I see no reason for you or for anyone to use a plastic carafe for coffee (or tea) brewing. Hot liquids will extract the unhealthy compounds from the plastic and into your coffee. The xeno-estrogens and others are definitely not something that you want in your drink.

The taste remains unaltered and unaffected, but from a health point of view – it is best to avoid plastic carafes and hot liquids, even if and when they are BPA free.

Plastic Coffee Carafe
A Plastic Thermal Coffee Carafe

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Stainless Steel

While glass is the most popular option, a stainless steel carafe gets the job done every bit as good and, in my opinion, is a better choice when you are thinking about the types of carafes.

They are a more expensive choice, but they do retain and keep your coffee warmer for longer without you needing to keep it on the hot plate – something you should never do (we’ll tell you why later!).

Obviously, a thermal stainless steel carafe is a much better choice if you want to keep your coffee warm. Just be aware that keeping your coffee warm for too long will cause some bitter compounds to start getting released, and you may end up with an overtly bitter coffee.

A plus point is not burning yourself when you touch any part of it.

They are more difficult to clean though.

Coffee snobs may comment that the stainless steel affects the flavor of your coffee – this is not at all noticeable.

The biggest drawback is not knowing when your stainless steel carafe is empty or running low.

Glass Carafe

Undoubtedly, the most common type of carafe is a glass carafe and is the one that comes with most coffee machines.

They are cheaper, less expensive and, at a glance from across the room, you can see how much coffee there is in it. Glass is great for conducting heat, meaning the entire carafe except the handle will be hot. They are also easy to clean.

The biggest and most obvious drawbacks are that they are breakable and do not keep your coffee warm for long as they can cool down quickly.

Are Stainless Steel Coffee Carafes Dishwasher Safe?


you can put your stainless steel carafe into your dishwasher without fear of it breaking. All the stainless steel carafes that I examined were marked as dishwasher-safe.

How Many Cups Of Coffee Are In A Carafe?

How much coffee your carafe can hold depends on the particular carafe that you have. Most vary from 6 to 10 cups based on a 6 ounce (180 ml) cup size. Meaning the size variance is from 36 ounces (1080 ml) to 60 ounces (1.8 liter) for most carafes.

There are some carafes that are as large as 12 cups, based on a 6 cup serving (72 ounces, 1.98 liters).

What Is An Insulated Carafe?

An insulated carafe is a thermal carafe used for pour over coffee, drip coffee or another coffee brewing method in which a carafe can be used to serve coffee.

They are usually double walled with a vacuum to insulate them and made from stainless steel. They cause minimal heat loss and can keep your coffee hot for a long time!

Can I Replace A Glass Carafe With A Thermal Carafe?



you need to consider the dimensions of your coffee maker and if the stainless steel thermal carafe and if it will fit under it. Too tall, too wide, too small an opening to catch the coffee can be a problem.

Replace like with like. If you have an 8 cup glass carafe, don’t go expecting a 12 cup thermal carafe to fit. This is where shopping online has its advantages – you can check the measurements or email the seller.

Glass Carafe
A Typical Glass Carafe

Can You Put A Thermal Carafe On A Hot Plate?


but only as long as your thermal carafe is a stainless steel carafe and has a metal plate on the bottom of it to conduct the heat.

At Latte Love Brew we do not advise you to use a hot plate as it not only heats your coffee, it stews it and releases bitter flavors and leaves you a cup of coffee that tastes not as great as it should.

If you have a thermal carafe, your coffee should stay fresh for long enough to enjoy a second or third cup of coffee.

How Long Does Coffee Stay Hot In A Carafe?

Your coffee can stay hot for up to 30 min in your carafe. You can extend that time if you preheat your carafe with boiling water prior to brewing and ensure the hot plate is switched on while it is brewing.

Can I Replace A Broken Coffee Carafe?


broken and lost carafes can be easily replaced. People break their glass carafes all the time – it is literally expected.

You shouldn’t be pre-occupied about breaking it or worried if you do as they are cheap to replace and other than reusable coffee filters they are they the cheapest part of your coffee machine that you can replace.

You can replace like with like by visiting the company website or Amazon and getting the exact same one delivered, or you can order a suitable generic carafe as a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions About 5 Cup Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Carafe

Is Coffee Better In Stainless Steel Or Glass?

In my opinion, and experience, a stainless steel carafe is better for keeping your coffee hot as a thermal carafe is well insulated with a double walled stainless steal. A glass carafe needs the use of a thermal plate to keep your coffee hot for extended periods of time. which results in your coffee tasting stewed and burnt.

Are Expensive Coffee Pots Worth It?

Yes, more expensive coffee pots are made with high quality materials and have been extensively tested and will last longer and retain heat for longer.

How Long Does A 5 Cup Coffee Maker Last?

How long your 5 cup coffee maker lasts you depends on how well you maintain it and the quality of the build. The cheaper ones tend not to last so long but are considerably cheaper to the point that replacing them every year is not a problem.

If you take good care of your expensive 5 cup coffee maker you can expect it to last 5 years and 10 years if you maintain it well. During the lifetime you may need to only replace the heating element, gaskets and pump which are not expensive.

Is It Safe To Drink Coffee From Stainless Steel?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to drink coffee from a stainless steel carafe, cup or steel thermal flask. Due to the acidity of coffee, some microscopic particles will be released into your drink but so little gets into your coffee it is not a concern from the vast majority of coffee drinkers.

Does Coffee Taste Different In A Stainless Steel Mug?

Look at it and answering from a scientific point of view, stainless steel is an inert and stable compound and thus should not impart flavor into your coffee.


despite being inert and stable, stainless steel is also porous, which means it may release flavors from previous drinks. This means when you clean it you must rinse it well.

Is Stainless Steel Or Aluminum Better For Coffee Maker?

A coffee maker made from stainless steel, regardless of whether it is a drip coffee maker machine or a pour over like a Hario V60, a moka pot is better as they last longer than aluminum equivalents.

Due to the material costs, stainless steel tends to be more expensive; the advantage is a longer lasting machine. Thus don’t let the small difference in price be the deciding factor.

Why Is Stainless Steel Used In Coffee Cups?

Stainless steel is used in coffee cups as it is hygienic and very durable. Stainless steel has been proven in multiple studies to be food safe. Stainless steel as a coffee cup will transfer heat brilliantly when you are cold in the winter and need to clasp your hands around it to heat them up.

Due to their durability, they are great for weekend camping trips.

What Is The Healthiest Material For Coffee Mugs?

While some may suggest that porcelain or lead-free ceramic coffee mugs are the healthiest materials. It is in my opinion that copper is the healthiest material due to the 4000-year-old traditions of ayurvedic medicine stating drinking from copper vessels bringing multiple health benefits.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – 5-Cup Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Carafe.

You have all the information you need in this article to know all about 5 cup coffee maker stainless steel carafe and why a stainless steel carafe is better than plastic and glass alternatives and where you can find one if you want to replace your glass one.

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